Tenra Bansho Zero is set in a world culturally similar to the Sengoku (warring/feudal era) period of Japan of endless war, but on a far future planet of spirit-powered high technology and magic.

Tenra is a magical world, filled with mysteries and darkness. The world is largely settled, and yet there are great unexplored areas. Magically-warped creatures live on the outskirts of human civilization, and the Shinto Priesthood places of power hold ancient mysteries.

Above all, Tenra is a world of conflict: The feudal nations and domains of Tenra are always turned against each other, and they constantly battle for military and cultural supremacy. The native tribes of horned 'Oni' try to coexist with a fearful people who regard them as living demons. However, the greatest conflict and tension lives in the hearts of the characters, whose backgrounds and motivations provide the friction which, when pushed against the world around them, erupts into the fire of drama.

The world of Tenra Bansho itself is largely designed on the fly by the person who acts as the Gamemaster of the game session, with the input of the players at the table. While empires exist, the world passes through history and mysteries linger, it's up to the Gamemaster and players to create the places and people that the players will interact with, in much the same way as a playwright does. The setting changes subtly from player to player, from session to session.

Tenra flows: There is no defined setting, no real canon: Play two games of Tenra, and you likely will see the hints of two different worlds. This is intentional. Tenra is a world you create within your group in play: You create the cities, the roads, the landmarks, the background characters and the power struggles.

However, we're providing a number of sample settings to help get you started. Check back in the Support area after the game book is widely available for downloadable official and fan-created settings for Tenra Bansho Zero!