* Mecha called "Armours" are piloted by innocent children of regional lords.
* Warriors with energy-producing gems embedded in their flesh called Samurai who have traded their humanity for the ability to spontaneously gain muscle, power and speed (think "The Incredible Hulk with a katana"). 
* Aloof Taoist sorcerers called Onmyoji use abacus-computer to summon and bind demonic shiki spirits to exert their will. 
Buddhist monks of three major and differing sects--there is not one single form of Buddhism, but three--vie for the hearts of the people, all with philosophies claiming to lead to salvation. Some have developed incredible hand-to-hand combat art to support the people.
* Phenomenally beautiful and cultured geisha-like Kugutsu (mannequins) are crafted from spirit-trees as pieces of art for the rich and powerful, but secretly yearn to become human.
Shinobi strike from the shadows with incredible Ninjutsu abilities, living and dying for the service of their clans.
* Machine-human Kijin replace have traded in their flesh--and souls--for cold, powerful steel. 
* The horned, psychic Oni are the native people of Tenra--feared and hunted by humans--who share a deep connection to the earth and each other. 
Kongohki are peerless killing robots, powered by the amnesiac spirit of a tormented soul. 
Annelidists serve as healers, and have bodies filled with symbiotic native worm-like lifeforms that protect them from harm. 
* Secretive Shinto Agents control the world from the shadows, keeping nation fighting nation for a mysterious cause. 

Characters are generally grouped by "archetypes"- You choose which one of the dozens of available pre-written archetypes you want to play, and you're ready to begin playing. If you want, you can design your own archetypes from scratch, or combining two or more existing archetypes: An Oni Ninja? Check. A Cyborg Buddhist Monk? Check. A simple peasant Troubador Doctor? Check.

Check back later for more specific details on the playable character types in Tenra Bansho, or check the blog's "Character" category for details!