Buy Tenra Bansho Zero!

Tenra Bansho Zero is available in print (book) and electronic (PDF) format. Here’s where you can pick it up:

Physical Book/Print

You can purchase the book anywhere in the world – both the Consumer Edition and the Limited Edition – from your local game or bookstore. Ask them to contact to set up a retailer account and order the book for you.

You can also purchase it directly from IndiePressRevolution:

Here is the direct link to purchase the Consumer Edition with Slipcase version of Tenra Bansho Zero.

Here is the direct link to purchase the Limited Edition Hardback version of Tenra Bansho Zero.

If you can’t find a local vendor in your country that can work with IndiePressRevolution to import the game, please contact us through the website, and we’ll help you find a retailer in your country that can import the book for you.

Electronic (PDF) Edition

You can quickly purchase the Electronic Edition of Tenra Bansho Zero from the following locations:

Our webstore, hosted at Bigcartel.

From DriveThruRPG, the largest electronic RPG reseller.

Or from Indie Press Revolution.

Other Products

A collection of Tenra Bansho Zero themed desktop/Tablet/Phone backgrounds is available on our webstore.

Tenra Bansho Zero scenarios/adventures are available on DriveThruRPG.

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