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The original 1997 release of Tenra Bansho in Japan caused a revolution in tabletop roleplaying in Japan. The second edition, the "Zero" edition, was released by Far East Amusement Research (FEAR) in 2000.


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Tenra Bansho Zero can be purchased from Indie Press Revolution in physical book format (both regular and limited edition versions), or in PDF format from Our Webstore or DriveThruRPG.

Tenra Bansho Zero is still in print! You can purchase it any time from IPR (Indie Press Revolution), or ask your local game retailer to order it from IPR for you.

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"Live by Fate, Die by Karma..."

TENRA BANSHO ZERO is a Japanese Storytelling Game of "Hyper-Asian Fantasy", in the author's own words. Conceived, designed and illustrated by famous manga author Junichi Inoue (and featuring gorgeous art from illustrators Hiroyuki Ishida, Rasenjin Hayami and others), Tenra Bansho Zero is one of the most recognized "Made in Japan" tabletop role-playing games.

On a distant world in the far future, the Sengoku (Feudal/Warring States) period of Japan is happening all over again- But this time with high-tech weapons, magically powered mecha, taoist magic masters and super-powered samurai.

The focus of the game is on acting out the characters, their backgrounds and, and their destiny in the world of Tenra. The players get bonus points by acting in character and entertaining the other players, which can be spent to boost powers and gain abilities. Creativity, energy, and comraderie is physically rewarded in the game. Spend these gains recklessly, though, and you lose control of your character as they spiral down the Path of the corrupt Asura.

Finally, TBZ is a fast RPG. It was designed to play out like a theatrical production, complete with Scenes, Acts, Intermissions and Coming Attractions. And like a play or movie, an entire story or campaign can play out in its entirety within one 4-6 hour gaming session.

TENRA BANSHO ZERO is one of the first fantasy Role-Playing Games to be translated from Japanese and released in English! It was created, designed, written, and largely illustrated by the popular game designer Junichi Inoue and F.E.A.R. It is currently being published in English by Kotodama Heavy Industries, in cooperation with F.E.A.R.